Emotional reunion for Italy’s Marta Menegatti in Sochi

Sochi, Russia, September 9, 2015 – It was a bit weird and emotional, seeing her former partner at the other side of the net, said Italy’s Marta Menegatti after she and Vicky Orsi Toth defeated Greta Cicolari and Giulia Momoli 2-0 (21-18, 21-9) in their opening match at the FIVB World Tour Sochi Open.

Menegatti and Cicolari go back as far as 2009, placed fifth at the 2012 London Olympic Games, but ended their partnership in the summer of 2013. This pool play match in Russia was the first time they met again on opposite sides of the net.

“Yes, for sure it was emotional”, 25-year old Menegatti said. “But I just tried to concentrate on our side in my mind and not think about anything else. It wasn’t so easy, I think also for her. But for me another chapter has started.”

Right after the break-up in 2013 Menegatti teamed up with the also 25-year old Orsi Toth. The new pair has collected a silver and bronze medal since and they are well on their way to qualify for next year’s Rio Olympics.

Their latest medal, bronze, dates back to the end of May in Moscow. Now, back in Russia again, they are counting on another medal. Orsi Toth: “Russia is a lucky place for us. We are happy to play here. We have good memories here.”

“It was a bit of a slow start”, Orsi Toth said about their opening match, but after winning the first 21-18, the second went a lot smoother with 21-9.

“We are very happy that we came out with this victory”, Menegatti said. “It was the first match of the tournament against another Italian team, so it was a very tough game. Also because on the other side of the net there was my ex-partner. But I think we played very calm, patient and together. So I am very satisfied.”


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