Athletes stay sharp and get creative with training

Lausanne, Switzerland, April 10, 2020 – Since the start of the lockdown, fitness challenges shared on social media have popped up everywhere and athletes have explored their homes, got creative and improvised new workouts.

American Philip Burrow built a motorised volleyball launcher from scratch and has worked on passing, setting and hitting.

Brazilian Luis Rutzen was also drawn to the DIY concept and made his own spike trainer using a pail, foam tubes and plastic pipes.

April Ross first used a simple setup of a net and board for a dig-set-pass drill.

Alexander Brouwer constructed a similar setup in his backyard using a radiator.

But April Ross amped it up and found another way to train creatively - making her own balance board using a snowboard and foam roller.

Make the most of your home workout during the lockdown and keep working at those routines!


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