Larissa and Bruno win Brazilian awards

Maceió, Brazil, May 4, 2015 - Larissa França and Bruno Schmidt have been voted the best players on the 2014/15 Brazilian Beach Volleyball Circuit. The two players are likely to feature prominently on the 2015 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour - Larissa was an FIVB Tour Champion on seven occasions - and are among the top seeds at the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships, which will take place from June 26 to July 5.

"I am very happy. After not playing for a year and a half, to get as many victories and titles with Talita [Antunes] was very special. Getting all these awards is very good - we give up so much: family, friends and time. We are dedicated to doing what we like, which is playing. The recognition is great - it is a sign that we are doing our job well," said Larissa.

"After I stopped playing in 2013, I could see the passion of the fans and their affection. We do not realise how much people like us. I want to thank all the fans who continue rooting for us. I hope I can continue to count on everyone to the end,” she added.

Bruno Schmidt also expressed his gratitude: "I'm so happy because it is a recognition of the people who are there on a daily basis, closely following all our work. I cannot forget to thank my teammates this season. The award motivates me too, as I want to continue to evolve in order to represent Brazil well," he said.

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