City court great promotion for The Hague

The Hague, the Netherlands, June 12, 2013 - You can play beach volleyball on the beach, or just in the middle of a city. That’s what the promoter of the Transavia The Hague Grand Slam might have thought. Next to the Dutch parliament building in the city centre of The Hague they built court number four.

The court was put to use on the first day of the main draw.

German players Jonathan Erdmann and Kay Matysik won their first match at the city court. “I like the court a lot. It’s well prepared and I like the atmosphere, with the café’s on the side. That’s nice”, said Erdmann after they defeated their compatriots Markus Böckermann and Mischa Urbatzka. “It is a great idea to promote this tournament for everyone who’s not on the beach.”

Passers-by were also excited about the city court. “While you drink your coffee, you can watch the volleyball game. And a lot of tourists are watching as well, so it’s great publicity for The Hague.” But a recreational beach volleyball player was critical. “It’s more a beach game. I think it’s better for the atmosphere to play on the beach.”

According to the German players Erdmann and Matysik it is very different to play in the middle of a city, compared to the beach. Matysik: “Here there is just a little bit of wind, so the game is totally different.”


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